Diagrama de temas

  • General

  • Starting point

    What are your expectations?

    What are your skills?

    What is your experience?

    This can also be discussed at IRC (#debian-academy at OFTC)

    To sign the package for upload you need a gpg-key with 4096 bit and signed from minimum one Debian Developer.

    • Preparation of the build system

      Extracting the shell script from the book

      apt install noweb git
      • Clone the repository from salsa.debian.org
      cd dpb

      • Execute the script ./create-buildscript.sh
      • You get the program scripts which can guide you through the packaging process.
      • You configure your system to have the prerequisites at defined locations
      • Install all dependencies needed to run this program script
           apt install git-buildpackage build-essential less pbuilder pristine-tar sudo unzip cowbuilder cowdancer debmake quilt locate jq lintian devscripts

      You want to build your first package?
      • What is the name of it?
      • Where is the source code repository?
      • We look at the source code to get information how it can be built.
      • Building the first time

        Starting the script the first time:

        • Creating the configuration file
        • Download the source code
        • Creating the files in debian/
        • Patching if necessary
        • Building the first time
        • Debugging

          Debugging to get a proper and working package

          • Lintian clean?

            Lintian clean

            • Uploading

              Uploading (to New Queue?)